League Of Angels - Fire Raiders Updates Progression System, Introduces New Angel

League Of Angels - Fire Raiders launched update 3.6 today, reforming the way players customize and upgrade their heroes, and adding a new angel. The heavens want to make sure you're well equipped, and are granting heroes Divinite: powerful new items to enhance stats. And Divinite earn slots; the higher their quality, the more slots they'll have (up to 6 total). Players will [...]

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League of Angels - Fire Raiders


League of Angels - Fire Raiders, sequel to the popular browser-based League of Angels, is a mobile card strategy MMORPG playable on iOS and Android. Create the ultimate RPG party with characters collected from cards, then equip and upgrade them to become powerful enough to vanquish the Devil Army. Developer: GTArcade Playerbase: Low Type: Card strategy MMORPG Release Date: December [...]

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League of Angels - Fire Raiders Launches on Mobile

Youzu Games has released their online adventure RPG game, League of Angels - Fire Raiders, onto iOS and Android. The game features both single player and co-op options, in a Hero/Angel collecting game that features RPG styled combat. Players will be able to train their Angel to battle legions of monsters in order to collect epic gear for their heroes. The game is [...]

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