League Of Angels - Fire Raiders Updates Progression System, Introduces New Angel


League Of Angels - Fire Raiders launched update 3.6 today, reforming the way players customize and upgrade their heroes, and adding a new angel.

The heavens want to make sure you're well equipped, and are granting heroes Divinite: powerful new items to enhance stats. And Divinite earn slots; the higher their quality, the more slots they'll have (up to 6 total). Players will use Divinite to further emphasize what kind of hero they create by mixing and matching 6 stats.

But the most important aspect is the new angel Dawn, whose wanton qualities don't translate as well to League of Angels' cartoon aesthetic. "Dawn can bring warmth to the body and soul, and also snatch it away." She boosts her team's rage, allowing you to launch Ultimate attacks at enemies early. Or, delay an enemy's Ultimate to tactically control the battlefield.

And players have access to more Awakened Heroes. Update 3.6 slaps Berseker Claw, Djiniim, Sapphire Sorrow, and Jack Hallow awake, along with others. " Awakened Heroes gain an additional combat skill, bonus stats, and most importantly, way cooler character appearances!"

If you haven't already you can download League of Angels - Fire Raiders for Android or iOS, or Amazon.