Lost Sector Enters Open Beta

IDC/Games announced today that, six years after its first Closed Alpha began, turn-based tactical MMORPG Lost Sector has entered Open Beta. The Open Beta version of the game features a co-operative Story mode, team-based PvE and PvP modes, and a Conquest mode, "where the cities map is divided and contested amongst different clans that want to take over the city." Lost Sector [...]

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Lost Sector


Lost Sector is an online turn-based strategy MMORPG where players fight in the futuristic metropolis of Broxton. Play as a soldier returned from war in this squad-based tactical game with a heavy emphasis on militant weaponry. Publisher: Lost Sector Technologies Playerbase: Low Type: Strategy Release Date: October 12, 2016 (In beta since 2012) Shut Down Date: 2020 Pros: +Wide variety [...]

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