IDC/Games To Publish Lost Sector In Europe And Turkey


It's been a long time since I've heard any substantial news about the turn-based tactical MMO Lost Sector. I first got into its Closed Alpha back in 2010 when it was naught but a handful of missions, a PvP mode, and tons of unfinished, untextured assets. Since then, it has operated fairly under the radar. The title continued to be developed, but the developers were largely silent about its development.

Now, IDC/Games announced that it will be publishing Lost Sector in Europe and Turkey. News about the title will be posted on the IDC/Games forums for the time being while a Beta site is set up.

The press release's description of the game is as follows.

Lost Sector Online is a tactical Free-to-Play game that combines turn based strategy & MMORPG in real time. The action comes to the streets of Broxton in  the form of tactical multiplayer  battles. Broxton is a huge megacity submerged in a violent civil war, caused by humanity's technological progress.

Lost Sector Online is a 3D online strategy games with great graphics that don't require high-end PC's. Take into account the array of strategies you can carry out, thanks to free movement in battle with which you can skirt around buildings, rooftops & all sort of other obstacles,

You can find accurate simulations of projectile trajectories' and their interaction with the environment. Use the environment as cover to defend against enemy fire.

The story takes place in the abandoned city of Broxton in the year 2035. The player's character enlisted in the army and abandoned the city when war broke out. Now, he/she is back home, and even though war is said to be over she might find a different situation in Broxton.

Players can play through Story mode in co-op mode, and fight in PvP or PvE battles against enemy teams. The game also features a Conquest mode, where the cities map is divided and contested amongst different clans that want to take over the city.