Atom Fishing 2, Cloud Pirates, Final Fire, And More Greenlit


Valve greenlit another batch of games earlier today, a surprising amount of which are MMOs this time around. Cloud Pirates made it through the gauntlet, albeit there was never much doubt that it would. Final Fire, the vehicular combat game made by Chinese developer ZQGame, also made it through, meaning that an English NA/EU version should be released in the very near future. More surprisingly, the currently Russian-only post-apocalyptic fishing simulator, Atom Fishing 2 Champions, was greenlit, as well as the long-running browser strategy title Illyriad, which users voted for despite its browser game origins.

Turning to the not-quite-as-MMO, the post-apocalyptic survival game Dead Inside was greenlit, as was the sci-fi survival game Fight Back - NB8081b.

Two other MMOs were greenlit on October 18th: the game of territorial mech warfare, Antraxx, which was greenlit despite the cancellation of its Kickstarter, and Lost Sector Online, an MMO that features turn-based tactical combat.