Skyforge Launches "New Horizons" Expansion

Skyforge launched its latest expansion today titled "New Horizons" which introduces a brand new planet called Terra. The expansion is available today on PC and is launching on PS4 on April 10th and Xbox One on April 11th. There's a whole lot of new things to do in Skyforge with New Horizons. Check them out below: Largest In-Game Map To [...]

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Skyforge Soundweaver Pack Giveaway (PC)

skyforge soundweaver class has partnered with to give away 200 Soundweaver Packs for Skyforge. Redeeming one of these packs grants instant access to the Soundweaver class as well as 3 days of premium status. Skyforge Soundweaver Pack Giveaway (PC) Skyforge is a sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Like Final Fantasy XIV, players can level up multiple classes on [...]

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Skyforge Distant Frequencies Expansion Launching Dec 11 - Adding New Soundweaver Class

Skyforge's latest expansion, Distant Frequencies, is launching on December 11, 2018 and with it comes the new Soundweaver class - a bard like support class that boosts the stats of nearby allies and can shred enemies with powerful music. Besides the new class, Distant Frequencies introduces new story driven missions for players to explore. So expect new zones, dungeons, equipment, [...]

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Skyforge Devs Reveal Plans To Overhaul PvP

skyforge pvp

Skyforge developer Allods Team will be shaking things up a bit when it comes to the fantasy MMORPGs PvP. A recent dev update and video reveals that the devs are planning to overhaul the game’s PvP mechanics sometime in the near future to make PvP more interesting and appealing. Players will get more incentives to join PvP adventures when the [...]

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Skyforge Rolls Out Overgrowth Expansion, Celebrates Anniversary With ‘Aelion Day’ Event

skyforge overgrowth artwork

Nature is a powerful force capable of wiping out entire civilizations in the blink of an eye, a force that the new Grovewalker class uses to devastating effect in the latest Skyforge expansion – Overgrowth. “The Grovewalkers are born protectors. They derive their power from nature itself, easily calling on its forces. Powerful roots twine around enemies, and seeds dropped [...]

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