Wild West Online Shenanigans

Wild West Online Gameplay Shenanigans Wild West Online is a buy to play open world PvP MMO developed and published by 612 Games. This video was recorded in the game's Closed Alpha Technical Test and shows some in-game shenanigans with the game's local voice chat. I had a lot of fun with this for sure. The core game as-is is [...]

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Wild West Online Reveals Gameplay Video

Wild West Online, the upcoming Western MMO, released their first ever gameplay video today showing off some of the core gameplay elements as well as some of the design philosophy behind the game. Check out the video below: Shortly after Wild West Online was first announced the internet quickly hopped onto the Wild West Online hype train but as more [...]

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Wild West Online Devs Reiterate Why They Chose The Nightshade Engine

Yesterday, we reported on drama that was unfolding in the Wild West Online community following the discovery that the game was using Free Reign Entertainment's Nightshade Engine. To recap, the drama basically revolved around questions about whether the developers' choice of engine meant that Sergey Titov, the man behind games like The War Z, Romero's Aftermath, and Shattered Skies, was, [...]

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