S4 League Soundtrack

S4 League Music & Soundtrack

S4 League is a fast-paced 3D third person MMO shooter with a unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements. The game features gorgeous anime-inspired art and fast-paced techno music that fits the game remarkably well. The S4 League soundtrack was composed by Bexter, Planetboom and Forte Escape, and the music was released as an album titled "Vivace," released on march 28, 2008. Many of the tracks were also included in the action-rhythm games series DJMax since both games share the same development studio. The Soundcloud embed features all of the BGMs, tracks, and music from the S4 League. The game was released in North America and Europe on April 04, 2011.

  • metalsnake27

    If you guys like these songs, you should go check out the OST from DJMAX. Both games were made by Pentavision and the majority of the songs from S4 League also come from there. If you want to continue to support these guys, check out Superbeat XONIC on the PSVita.

    Composers for songs that are not listed because I'm too into this:

    NB Power- NieN
    Syriana- Bexter
    Starfish- Planetboom
    MonoXide- Planetboom
    Brave It Out- Bexter
    Minus 3- Croove
    Platic Method- zts
    Grave Consequences- Tsukasa
    New World- Flash Finger
    Real OverDrive- NieN
    Access - Sphazer
    Dual Strikers (Dual Rock) - 7 Sequence
    The Winner: Forte Escape
    Dark Lightning - AstroKid (I'm not sure who did the second song)

    All the ones after that I don't have any knowledge of the composers.