9Dragons: Awaken Enters Closed Beta


9Dragons has had its fair share of troubles. The game was initially published by Acclaim alongside The Chronicles of Spellborn before being shut down. It was later reopened by GamesCampus. Now, it is one of three titles that are to be published in the West by a new company called RedFox Games. Tonight at 6 PM PST, it also has the honor of being the first RedFox title to enter Closed Beta.

9Dragons: Awaken is a renewed version of the aging title. A large number of changes and additions have been made, including the new "Wanted and Jail System" that allows players to mark other players that kill them as "wanted" for a fee. If the player continues to rack up wanted status, they can even be sent to jail for one real, logged-in hour before being put on probation for 24 hours. The full list of changes can be found here.

For the time being, you can still sign up for the Closed Beta on the official website. The exact length of the test has yet to be announced, but it has been confirmed that a wipe will occur once the Closed Beta has concluded.