9Dragons Heads To Steam On Valentine's Day


In the never ending story of old MMORPGs looking for a second wind, 9Dragons is coming to Steam on Valentine's Day, February 14th. No need for flowers. No need for chocolate. Just hop back into the martial arts game that "stands above the average F2P MMORPGs." And if you're looking for a special someone what better place to look?

If you missed out on the 2007 game from Red Fox, now's your chance. Players choose from one of 9 clans, and master Kung-Fu across 240 levels, challenging themselves to territorial PvP and dozens of stoic mobs hanging out in the same compact area.

If you want a quick summary of 9Dragons, here's our very own quote—featured on the 9Dragons Steam Page: "9Dragons is undoubtedly past its prime, but its core gameplay manages to hold its own while innovating some mechanics through its minigames and wide variety of classes."

If you're still curious, go check it out on the 14th.