ADEN Is An Open World Mobile MMORPG From Korea


While we've seen quite a few mobile MMORPGs in recent times, upcoming mobile MMORPG ADEN has one feature that many of them are missing—an open world. According to ThisIsGame, the game is "focused on implementing the fun of classic PC [MMORPGs]." And it seems to have worked out. While the game won't be available on Google Play until later this month, it surpassed MU Origin on the Korea-exclusive app store One Store, taking the #1 spot on the store when it launched in August, and has remained in the top 3 ever since.

Features include an open world in which you can hunt monsters, both cooperative and competitive fields, a lack of typical mobile game features such as stamina, tag team PvP matches for teams of three, 5v5 PvP matches, Guild Dungeons, and more. Three classes—Archer, Knight, and Wizard—are available to play as, each of which starts with four abilities and can eventually advance to one of four advanced classes.

The 5v5 PvP mode, known as "Demon Legion," is a bit different than your average PvP mode. There is a boss placed in the center of the field that, when killed, will grant the team that kills it a significant buff. Once the boss is defeated, both teams must fight to the death.

You can get an idea of how ADEN plays by watching the video below. While an exact date has yet to be announced, it will be launching on Google Play later this month.

[아덴] 원스토어 1위 게임, '어른들의 RPG 아덴'이 구글에 등장한다!

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