AdventureQuest 3D Ashfall Saga Out Now, Approaches 1M Players

In a post last Friday by Artix Entertainment Founder, Adam “Artix von Krieger” Bohn, vowed to push out the AdventureQuest 3D Ashfall patch by Monday, “100%. No matter what.” The patch, called “The Dragons of Ashfall”, went live on Monday afternoon, and is the game’s first story-driven saga, taking place in a fiery dragon-inhabited volcanic zone.

According to Artix, it was imperative that the team roll out Ashfall by Monday for the game to function properly for GDC on Wednesday. He writes:

“Now, GDC is 100% dependent on Ashfall being live. In our wildest nightmares we never dreamed it would not be released by now. So we combed through the release and code, and came to the following conclusion. There are two features that are dependent on the newest version of the game engine. If we do not get approved by noon on Monday, we are going to strip out everything that uses those two features (which will suck, because one of them added a whole new type of item to the game) and release it anyway!  So that is the official plan. Either way, Ashfall releases on Monday!”

Aside from preparing for GDC, the indie dev team is also expecting to reach 1 million registered users soon.

If that’s not enough, the developers have also recently released a new Open Beta trailer which you can watch below. Don't forget to soar over to the official AdventureQuest 3D site for Artix’ original post.