AdventureQuest 3D's The Dragons Of Ashfall Saga Is Now Live

Earlier this week, Chapter 1 of the latest AdventureQuest 3D "saga," The Dragons of Ashfall, went live on all platforms. The expansion introduces a new region known as "Ashfall," which is "infested" with dragons. Players will meet a group of DragonSlayers and will have the chance to join them on "the ultimate dragon hunt." That being said, as this is only the first of three chapters in the new saga, I imagine that you will have to wait until at least the next chapter to actually go on the hunt. An increased level cap of 16, a quest system overhaul, "Secret Challenge Areas," and something called "Senna's Challenge" are also included in the expansion.

With the release of the first chapter of The Dragons of Ashfall, Artix Entertainment has promised that the other two chapters will be released "much faster."

You can find more information about the first chapter of The Dragons of Ashfall here.