Age Of Wushu Dynasty Enters Closed Beta Next Month


While the exact start of the test has yet to be determined, Snail Games USA announced today that Age of Wushu Dynasty would be entering Closed Beta in November. The mobile adaptation of their title Age of Wushu will feature four unique schools of martial arts and a "revolutionary combat system using animations modeled on renowned Kungfu masters." From their teaser video, the combat looks a bit Diablo-like, but that may only be because of the isometric view and the fact that we cannot see the interface.

Unlike Age of Wushu, Dynasty will feature some manner of "single player mode" in which players can earn progress and collect gear on their own. "Extensive multiplayer and innovative PvP and [team] Co-op systems" are promised alongside the game's "open-world MMO" world.

You can sign up to receive more information about the Closed Beta—including how to join when it becomes available—on the official website.