Age Of Wushu Dynasty's Red Chamber Update Adds Marriage And New Dungeon


Snail Games announced today that its mobile MMORPG Age of Wushy Dynasty has received a new update called the Red Chamber Update. The update adds a marriage system and a new Jianghu Adventure—dungeon—called Peacock Villa.

The update is described as follows.

Wove and Mawwiage

That's right, the Red Chamber update is now live, which means players can at long last tie the proverbial knot and join in marriage with eachother in the game! The all new Marriage system allows players meeting certain criterion to match up, getting special bonuses including stylish, exquisite red wedding outfits!

Jump Down, Turn Around

As an exciting addition to the kungfu adventure for the ages, Age of Wushu Dynasty gets a brand new Jianghu Adventure with an intriguing new mechanic! The Peacock Villa is now available, with bosses, treasures, and the ability to control your hero's point of view for a full 3D gaming experience!

Alongside the update, Snail Games reset the "First Time Top Up bonus" on all accounts, allowing everyone a chance at Triple Gold the first time they top up after the update. Additionally, all players who log in to try out the update will receive "200 Gold, 4 Large Vigor Pills, and 10 Quenching Hammers" to celebrate.