Aion 7.0 Launching on July 10, Adds New Painter Class, Map, and Dungeon

The Gameforge version of Aion (EU) will be getting the 7.0 update for Aion on July 10th which introduces the new Painter class, the Dumaha Region, tons of new quests, a new dungeon, and more.

The painter is described as:

Colourful action with the new Artist specialisation

Irunin, the first Painter in Atreia, created the Aether Colours a long time ago with Siel’s help. Only the most gifted of students got to learn his arts. Once Siel sacrificed himself in the Cataclysm, Irunin disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the Painters were left behind, without no direction to follow. Finally, on the Day of the Storm, chaos broke out anew in Atreia and countless Painters gave their lives saving innocents. It is to the merit of these heroes that the specialisation of Painter is now officially recognised.

The new Duhaha Region:

Thrilling combat in the Altar Siege Battle

Tiamat, who has taken Apsu’s place as Dragon Lord in Dumaha, has turned the once fruitful region to a barren waste. The Snuwa managed to resist being driven out of Dumaha and are protecting their Apsu Altars, which they have established across the land. The Stella Corporation is intent on developing Dumaha and returning it to its once fruitful glory, yet the Snuwa stand against this. Now it is up to the Daeva to bring peace back to the region.

The Stella Development Laboratory

Brand new PvE instance complete with exciting missions

The Stella Development Laboratory is a giant building, in which the main products of the Stella Corporation are made and processed. Reports came in to the Daeva that outlaws have forced their way into the laboratory. But the waste in the lab made the criminals lose their minds, making for untold chaos in the laboratory. The security system had been activated, yet the situation has been out of control for some time.

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