Aion Kicks Off 9th Birthday Celebration With Oversized Cakes

aion daevas day cakeWho wants massive cakes? Aion is celebrating its 9th birthday and NCSoft West is kicking off the party today with oversized cakes!

“The age-old tradition of larger-than-life cakes will be returning to the capital cities. Grabbing a slice of cake will grant you 100% bonus XP and a 20% bonus drop rate for 2 hours. Be sure to swing by on Aion’s special Daeva Day, September 22, to get a super-boosted cake buff granting 200% bonus XP and a 50% drop rate for 6 hours! The cake boosts will stack with the server wide boosts as well.”

If 200% isn’t enough, the devs will also be implementing 300% bonus to Exp and 200% bonus to drops, crafting and gathering on September 19th. Kromede’s Revenge will also be making a comeback on September 12th to October 3rd so gather your friends for a chance to earn unique rewards from the Smoldering Fire Temple.