Aion Classic Opens The Doors To A New Region And New Challenges Next Week

aion fantasy mmorpg assault on balaurea key art

The Aion Classic progression server is getting a boatload of new content next week with the release of Update 2.0: Assault on Balaurea. The update will introduce new zones to explore, new dungeons to complete, a level cap increase, and a whole lot more.

The highlight of Update 2.0 is the opening of the Balaur’s homeland of Balaurea, located in the outer region of Atreia. The new region will come with two new field bosses, seven new instances, and four fortress sieges along with new items and gear to collect and a new level cap of 55. Players will also be able to earn the new Sapphire of Medal currency which they can use to purchase Primus Plus gear.

The update will also introduce the Menothios Divine Fortress Siege and adjust the entry level and rewards for The Abyss zone as well as the entry limit for various treasure rooms. NC, formerly NCSoft, will also be giving away a free 30-day Stormwing pet on launch day which can be claimed using the code “STORMWINGPET20” once the servers are back up after maintenance.

Details can be found on the Aion official site.

Aion: Assault on Balaurea Launch Trailer