Albion Online Confirms Layoffs Following Launch

albion online joseph armor

Sandbox Interactive, the studio behind the PvP focused MMORPG Albion Online, has confirmed a significant round of layoffs. Albion Online enjoyed a successful launch back in July of last year, with active character numbers peaking at nearly 150,000. Those numbers soon spiraled down to under 25,000 within five months. Sandbox Interactive has since disabled the feature which allowed players to track the active player count.

In an official statement, Sandbox Interactive stated that their team size almost doubled to 50 to meet the demands of their successful launch. Since then, the studio has downsized to 31 which is similar to the team size back during pre-release beta. The full statement, sent to to MassivelyOP, can be seen below:

Albion Online saw a successful release in July 2017. To get ready for release, during beta testing, our team size almost doubled to more than 50 people. Now that release is behind us, we are reducing the team size to levels similar to those at the start of pre-release beta testing. 31 people in total, supported by talented freelancers, will constantly improve and expand the game. This goes hand in hand with our strategy to fully focus on the game’s original core vision: with the release of our Kay update in December, player numbers have stabilized at a high level and continue to grow. Our next update, Lancelot, will continue on this path and is set to release in March, with further updates to come according to our road map.”

While layoffs following release are standard among traditional retail games, they are not common in the MMORPG genre, Particularly for games that claim to still be growing.

Despite the set backs, Albion Online is still receiving massive new updates and the development road map outlined back in December 22 looks robust. Players can look forward to a revamped fishing feature, the addition of siege engines, cosmetic costumes, and more solo PvE options. Check out the Development Road Map talk below!

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  • rexzshadow

    Not surprising at all, I regretted buying the game after playing 1 day of beta. So tedious with zero pay off.

  • namco

    That's what happens when you make a shit game.... I mean come on, weapons and armor give you skills and abilities? fuck off... game is garbage and we all knew it. layoff are no surprise. another case of game developers making what "they want" vs what people want to buy. clearly, their finger was NOT on the pulse.

    • Dere

      That's not why the game died, don't say shit. The game kept this gear skill model since the beginning, and everyone playing liked the system. The real problem is the lack of depth in everything you can do. The game resumes in you doing the same thing all the time. There's very few options to level, there's no decent lore, no decent pve content, the arena that they implemented doesn't reward you with anything relevant, and you don't have any balance on the matchmaking, no rating, making it absolutely pointless. And you reach endgame too fast. You can get the max tier in less than a month.
      IMO, full loot pvp can't work. I play the game since alphas, and full loot pvp makes it harder to balance the game. You can't add things too hard to achieve, because people won't even try to get them, since they'll lose it in the first death. In the end, the game is doomed because of one of it's coolest aspects.

    • ivan_

      Albion has problems, but armor giving skills + abilities is not it. The combat was very stale, and imo the game was designed with MOBA simplicity in mind vs. MMO complexity. The other user is right, there's a lack of depth, and no lore or decent PVE content. Sandbox players get more sandbox out of games like Minecraft and ARK.

      And comparing graphics, without a doubt albion was heavily inspired by Runescape. just look at the graphics, UI design, and compare that to what runescape looks like now. Sadly they thought they could pull off tricking players into playing the "mindless grind" (notorious in runescape), but with less than 25% of the content RuneScape offers. Runescape is not a perfect game at all, it's way overpriced for 2018 and most private servers do everything RS does without time gates or grinds. But even an outdated, milking-the-addicts game like runescape is a direct upgrade from albion in every aspect, and that's saying something...

      I kinda agree with the other user re: balance, only because RS had "acceptable combat", but encouraged switching classes in middle of fights (or going hybrid). So basically it's rock paper scissors all game. In albion you're locked into classes for fights, which is where it goes wrong, and full-loot pvp doesn't really work when you're locked into throwing scissors against rock an entire fight, or forced to run because you are completely walled by an enemy build.

  • SMFC

    concept is great but there is just way way to much BORING grind, waiting for x100 private server or somth

  • Dres

    Not surprising at all. Even with all the staff they are barely able to produce updates or address the many core technical issues that plague the game. The downhill trend is only going to accelerate from here.

  • Souda

    This is why I didn't buy the game, had a gut feeling it was gonna fail