Albion Online Launches its "Kay" Update

Sandbox Interactive launched the second major update to Albion Online today titled "Kay" since its launch back in July 17, 2017. While the game's playerbase has seen quite a bit of decline since launch, the game still has an active playerbase. The expansion adds the following for Albion Online:

  • Season Mode for Guild vs. Guild Battles
  • Modified Territory Raids
  • New Battle Mounts
  • Enhanced Game Performance
  • Political World Map
  • Hardcore Expeditions
  • Extended Tutorial
  • New Expedition
  • And Much More!

Check out the Kay Update Trailer Below:

Albion Online is a single mega server buy to play PvP MMORPG developed and published by Sandbox Interactive. The game has a strong emphasis on resource gathering and crafting as every weapon and piece of armor in the game is made by other players.

  • Preciel

    hope it declines further lol

    • Goldbryan

      What are you going to gain from it if I may ask? I myself don't play or care about this game but I'm curious as to why you feel that way.

      • Preciel

        i dislike greedy developers like ncsoft, aeriagames, nexon, trion and i got a greedy vibe from them. i hated the fact this game milked off numerous alpha phases and delayed their release. 30 bux for alpha/cbt access is ridiculous.