All Ten Of Ragnarok Journey's Servers Have Already Been Merged Into One

So this is a bit of an odd one. Ragnarok Journey launched just last week, on March 27th, to be precise, with a total of ten servers. On March 30th, a mere three days after launch, WarpPortal announced that all ten of its servers would be merged into one. Given the timing, some were understandably cautious, wondering if it was some sort of odd April Fool's joke.

It's not an April Fool's joke. Ragnarok Journey has actually merged all of its servers within a week of launch. Players aren't happy for a number of reasons, including feeling that they have been "screwed over" in regards to "server open events."

Community Manager Buttercup responded to the disgruntled playerbase with the following statement.

Unfortunately, this was the developers call and not ours. The option of doing it sooner rather than later was decided, and we felt this would be less disruptive in the long run for the community as a whole if we did it sooner.

A number of players issued responses indicating that they would be less mad if the team had waited until after the events were over to merge the servers. Given the response, Buttercup responded once again with the following statement.

We're discussing with the Developers having a similar event that will give the same rewards but have different participation requirements soon to make up for it.

So those who are mad about the server merges affecting the events that they had paid to complete may yet be able to get the same rewards from a new event. There are other issues at hand, such as disappearing characters, but I imagine that they will be sorted in time, as well.

The real question here is "why merge all ten servers into one this soon after release?" They say that it has to do with keeping the population of the sole remaining server at an ideal level. Did they expect it to be more of an immediate hit, with all ten servers having much higher populations? The statement doesn't say for sure.