Alliance of Valiant Arms Reboot AvA Dog Tag 2nd Closed Beta Begins Jan 18

Alliance of Valiant Arms is rebooting as AvA: Dog Tag and its second closed beta is set to begin on January 18th and will run until the 31st. Anyone interested in checking the game out during this period can get closed beta keys here. The relaunched version will feature new features, modes, maps, and more.

Red Duck, the game's new publisher and current developer, also aims to kickstart an eSports scene for the game by partnering with ESL. Given the game's age and numerous previous shut downs (first with ijji, then Aeria Games, then En Masse), I suspect it won't have much success in eSports.

Red Duck is also working on redesigning and upgrading the functionality of the UI and in-game HUD. The HUD now shows more detailed analysis of damage dealt and taken as well as additional information about each round played. The UI redesign is almost completed and will contain various new functions. Based on feedback from the community, the game will also include a separate option to manually set the Field of View.

In addition to these quality-of-life improvements the new game version will also feature several gameplay changes including improved weapon sound quality, new voice lines, weapon balancing and the new map "DUAL SIGHT", which will be available for both the Demolition and Annihilation game modes.

Red Duck is furthermore aiming to establish the game in professional eSports leagues and is currently in talks with the ESL.