Alliance of Valiant Arms Shutting Down on June 29th, 2018

Alliance of Valiant Arms, the free to play tactical shooter, will be shutting down on June 29th, 2018. En Masse made the announcement last week and it marks the end of a long saga for the game. The game was first available in the West through the now defunct gaming portal ijji (2009) and later moved over to Aeria Games (2012) and eventually ended up over at En Masse (2016), the company best known for Tera.

With Alliance of Valiant Arms shutting down, the Korean developer behind the game seems to be in dire straights. Their newer game Metro Conflict: The Origin was a flop and is set to shut down on June 21st.

I personally played Alliance of Valiant Arms quite a bit back when it was available on ijji and enjoyed it quite a bit. Unfortunately it just couldn't compete with newer tactical shooters. Black Squad in particular managed to capture a large chunk of the market and continues to be quite successful (~7000 concurrent users).