2K Games’ Christoph Hartmann Joins Amazon Game Studios As Vice President

amazon game studios logoThe future of Amazon Game Studios has looked pretty bleak since their flagship game Breakaway was cancelled a few months ago. This also shed doubt on whether the studio’s other games will ever see the light of day, including Crucible and the highly-anticipated MMO sandbox game New World.

Amazon, however, has just announced that 20-year industry veteran Christoph Hartmann has joined the team as Vice President of Game Studios. His experience heading 2K Games might just be what the studio needs to point them on the right track.

“Gaming, today’s favorite form of entertainment in the world, is connecting hundreds of millions of people. Between the teams at AGS, the incredible tools and technology from AWS, the global communities of Twitch and Twitch Prime, and all of the other assets around Amazon, there are few companies in the world set up to take gaming to the next level. I am incredibly proud and honored to become part of Amazon’s highly talented and passionate group of people, to develop together hallmarks of gaming, bring amazing experiences to people all over the world, and build a gaming legacy for the years to come.”

Hartmann has served as President and founder of 2K Games for the past twenty years with a number of popular franchise titles under his belt including Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, and NBA 2K among others.

Find out more on the Amazon Game Studios official site.