Apex Legends Reduces Damage To ‘Thicc Bois’ & Improves Long-Range Combat

apex legends caustic gibraltarChoosing one of the larger Legends in Apex Legends isn’t really a good idea since you’ll probably end up getting hit a lot more than if you were to choose Legends with a smaller build. A previous balance patch had already reduced the hitboxes for the so-called “Thicc Bois” namely: Caustic, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder.

While this worked to make Pathfinder less vulnerable, Caustic and Gibraltar still kept getting murdered out on the field which is why they both got a new Fortified Passive Perk when Patch 1.1.1 went live. The new Perk reduces damage taken by Caustic and Gibraltar by 10%. In addition, Caustic’s Gas Damage and Ultimate Throw Distance have also been increased along with Gibraltar’s Gun Shield health.

Patch 1.1.1 also improves the game’s long-range combat and makes it easier to make a kill from long distances. Leg Shot damage reductions have been decreased and weapon sway reduced for the G7 Scout, Triple Take, and the Longbow DMR. The Longbow’s fire rate and magazine size has also been slightly increased. Other weapons including the Havoc, Wingman, and Spitfire have also been slightly rebalanced. You can browse through the entire list of changes in the full patch notes on Reddit.