April 2019 Superdata Digital Games Report Released - Apex, Hearthstone, & Overwatch Decline

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Superdata Research released their April 2019 Worldwide Digital Games Market report today. Check it out below: Most interestingly, Apex Legends fell off the list on both PC and Console, earning a 'mere' $24 million in April, down from $100m from its launch month of February. The decline from launch isn't too surprising, as the hype back then was through the [...]

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Apex Legends Tweaks Game Sounds And Hit Detection In Their Latest Patch

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Apex Legends is turning down the volume in the battle royale shooter’s latest update. Aside from toning down the game’s overall volume, update 1.1.3 also decreases the sound made by nearby enemy footsteps. The update also addresses audio issues across that led to crashes and unusually high CPU usage. Update 1.1.3 also introduced fixes for incorrect hit detection which has [...]

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Superdata Releases Digital Games Report for February, 2019: Hearthstone Revenue down 52% Year over Year

Superdata Research released their Worldwide Digital Games Market report for February 2019. The highlight for the report is that Apex Legends had the best launch month of any free to play game ever, earning ~$92 million in its launch month and taking the #6 spot on the list of highest grossing PC games. Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends [...]

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The Weekly Raid: Are You Playing Apex Legends?

When PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) launched in 2017 it catapulted the niche Battle Royale genre into the mainstream. Its success was quickly followed by Fortnite which grew so fast that it transcended the video gaming industry and became a cultural phenomena, not unlike Pokemon in the early 1990s. With so much hype around Fortnite and PUBG, it was easy to assume [...]

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