ArcheAge Releases The Abyssal Kraken In Today’s Update

archeage fantasy mmorpg abyssal kraken world boss

Release the Kraken! Or in this particular case, the Kraken and the Abyssal Kraken, which will both be unleashed on ArcheAge seafarers in today’s update. The Kraken is a level 55 Eternal Grade world boss with over 8 million hit points and the ability to summon the Abyssal Kraken by chance when its health drops to 70%.

Defeating the gargantuan monster of the deep will reward players with 5 Gilda Stars, 3,000 Honor Points, 10 Leadership, and 1 Kraken Eye, as well as the chance to obtain high-level gear.

The update will also open up the new Stillwater Gulf Naval Arena, improve on the Guardian of the Gods teleport system, and kick off a new ArchePass for ArcheAge Unchained. The full patch notes can be found on the ArcheAge official site.