ArcheAge Starts Merging Servers Today, Will Be Offline Until September 9th

archeage poolBack in July, Trion Worlds revealed their plans to merge, or rather “evolve”, ArcheAge’s North American and European servers. Well, the time for Evolution has come. All ArcheAge servers will be taken down starting today at 3PM ET and will come back online on September 9th between 3PM and 7PM ET.

The process will consolidate the current twelve realms into four, with North America and Europe getting two servers each. Here’s the new list of servers:

North America

CONVICTION – Ollo, Salphira, and Tahyang servers

THUNDERWING – Hanure, Morpheus, and Nazar servers


TEMPESTDahuta, Kyprosa, and Rangora servers

RETRIBUTION – Anthalon, Leviathan, and Sirothe servers

*Legacy and Fresh Start servers in both North America and Europe will not be affected by the Evolution.

Legacy Servers: Aranzeb, Kraken, Kyrios, Eanna, and Shatigon

Fresh Start Servers: Prophecy, Reckoning, and Vengeance

Trion Worlds is expecting a massive influx of players when the new servers go live on Saturday. To control server loads and ensure that everyone gets a chance to log in, Trion Worlds will be opening servers one at a time and will be enabling AFK kick in all of the new servers. Check out the ArcheAge official site for more info.