ARK: Survival Of The Fittest's First Survival League Ends On April 15th


Studio Wildcard announced today that the first ARK: Survival of the Fittest Survival League will be ending on April 15th, exactly a month after the game's initial launch on Steam. What is the Survival League, you ask? On the 15th at 12 PM EST, the top 10 players from each game mode will be awarded  the honor of being part of that month's Survival League. The ladder will then reset and players will have to fight for a top 10 spot once again.

For the first month, cash prizes totaling $64,000 are being given out. It has not been announced whether later Survival Leagues will be awarded cash prizes.

This month's prizes are as follows.

April 2016 Survivor League Cash Awards by Rank, in each of four Game Modes:

  1. $3,500
  2. $2,500
  3. $1,800
  4. $1,650
  5. $1,500
  6. $1,350
  7. $1,200
  8. $1,050
  9. $900
  10. $750

You can watch the rankings update in real time on the official website. Alternatively, you can jump into the game right now and fight for your spot in the April 2016 Survival League.