Asta Online Launching Big 2.0 Update on July 13

Asta Online is launching its 2.0 update on July 13th. The newly relaunched MMORPG from Move Games has found new life since Webzen first shut it down (back in October, 2016). The update includes:

  • Add New Rakshasa Tribe (Berserker Class)
  • Add New“Bulhwado”Battle Area
  • Max Character level Expands from 50 to 55
  • Add three new raid dungeons
  • Increase Max Skill Points
  • Increase Grade Limit on Fame & PvP
  • Add new equipment for 55 levels
  • Add new cash items such as pets, mounts, and costumes.

Since the game's relaunch on Steam it's been doing fairly well. According to Steamcharts Asta Online averages about 520 players over the last 60 days or so. This is especially good because it shut down so quickly under Webzen (lasted 7 months).

Asta Online has a bit of a history. The game was first released in South Korea back in 2013 only to shut down in 2015 before even being announced for Western release. By the time Webzen launched it, it had long since shut down in its home market. Asta was also marketed as the "World of Warcraft" of Asia but it clearly failed to live up to that hype. Still, the game seems to be chugging along just fine for the time being.