Atlantica Online New Fist Mercenary "Tania" Launching Sept 21

Atlantica Online is releasing a new Mercenary on September 21 called "Tania" and she is the game's third fist mercenary. The game is also giving returning veterans a brand new set of powerful gear to incentive them to return to the game. Learn more about Tania below:

Mercenary Name: Tania
Class Name: Slave
Weapon of Choice: Fist (Attack Melee Two in Column)


  1. Absolute Resolve (Passive) - With strong will, Tania is immune to debuffs.
  2. Revenge - Stuns an enemy with a debuff attack, followed by another stun.
  3. Fortitude - Breaks all debuffs taken by friendly allies.
  4. Crushing Blow - Shakes the ground to reduce enemy armor.

Atlantica Online is a free to play turn based MMORPG developed by Ndoors and published by GamenGame. It used to be available directly through Nexon (the company that owns Ndoors) but they transferred the service to Valofe / Gamengame earlier this year.