Atlantica Online Launches Latest Update - Adds New Map, New Mercenary, and New Gear

Atlantica Online, the turn based tactical MMORPG on the PC from Valofe, released its latest update today which introduced a host of new things. The most prominent of which are:

  • A new map titled "Hall of Chaos" with new enemies and loot
  • a new mercenary "Nine Tales" which uses a whip weapon
  • new "Abyssal Armors" gear

While it's not a huge update to the game, it's interesting to see an older game like Atlantica Online, which isn't even that popular, still get a steady stream of updates.

Alongside the update, Valofe is running a handful of Easter events. Better yet though, between March 31st and April 1 Valofe is hosting "Atlantica Day" events which consist of:

  • Resting EXP. Boost 300% up
  • Diary EXP. Boost 300% up
  • Winner Gift Box Event
  • Jackpot Hourly Raffle (AT Day Jackpot Gift)
  • Party EXP Multiplier x2 and x3
  • EXP Bonus Time 300%
  • Crafting EXP 200%
  • Battle Buffs (Attack Power and Def +20%)
  • Buff Items Giveaway (To be posted soon!)
  • AT Day Sale (Mercenary, Legion, Books and Atlas Ores)

Full patch notes are available here.