Atlas Reactor Launches As First Discord Voice-Supported Game


At long last, Trion Worlds' competitive turn-based tactical arena combat game, Atlas Reactor, has officially launched. Players can now download the game and jump into the Free Mode or buy the "All Freelancers Edition" for $29.99. The launch version brings with it the previously-announced Freelancer Juno and a new map that allows players to "battle around the Omni trust’s parasitic reactor core."

Atlas Reactor Executive Producer Peter Ju had the following to say about the announcement.

Atlas Reactor is the culmination of ideas coming from a passionate group of gamers who wanted to create a smart, new kind of competitive game that we ourselves wanted to play. We hope players around the world will find that the game combines some of the best elements of high-stakes gaming into a fast-paced, frenetic yet strategic competitive experience. I couldn't be more proud of our team!

Trion announced alongside the launch announcement that Atlas Reactor is "the first ever game to feature fully integrated Discord voice chat." According to the announcement, "players will be able to fully control their Discord client" while in-game.

Discord Chief Technology Officer Stanislav Vishnevskiy had the following to say about the announcement.

We’re excited that Trion chose to work with Discord for Atlas Reactor’s in game voice and hub for its player community. It’s an amazing, competitive game and adding quality voice will make it even better.

Atlas Reactor is available now on the official website, Amazon, and Steam.