Auto-play Browser MMORPG League of Angels 2 Debuts Battle Royale Mode

I never thought we'd see the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Battle Royale craze spread to auto-play Chinese browser MMORPGs but it looks like I was wrong. League of Angels 2 debuted its new 20 play battle royale game mode today called "Isle of Doom" with the first ranked season set to begin December 8th.

Isle of Doom is a 20 player cross-server PvPvE Battle Royale match that lasts a total of 10 minutes. Much like traditional Battle Royale games, a creeping "cursed mist" will force players to keep moving into smaller and smaller areas. In In a bizarre adaptation of the genre though, players can respawn up until the 9th minute of the 10 minute match. Players can kill eachother or monsters / bosses for a chance at high powered gear.


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