League Of Angels 2 Celebrates Halloween, And Facebook Shows Their Love For LOA2


Tis the season and League of Angels 2 is celebrating Halloween with a grand party, featuring thematic items like magic brooms and little bats. The event lasts until November 01, so if LOA2 is your thing you better log in now if you haven't already.

The big news for League of Angels 2 is it's earned Facebook's "Big Game Feature" for the third time in just six months. Facebookers love sultry angels.

As one of the biggest game platforms in the world, Facebook provides game services to over 550 million players each month. During League of Angels II’s last two Feature Weeks, Facebook Games promoted LoA2’s official cinematic trailer, and placed LoA2 banners at the top of the Hot Games page. During this Feature Week from Oct. 21st to Oct. 27th, LoA2’s official banners are being prominently displayed on Gameroom, Facebook’s PC game client.

I don't exactly understand the appeal but clearly my opinion falls in the minority camp. People love playing GTArcade's League of Angels 2 in between inane political debates with former high school friends.

  • braneman

    Its the advertising, these sort of games come from some guy in corporate's realization that it doesn't matter what your game is, if you advertise it with tits and have basically no barrier to entry you'll have enough people going in and out the revolving door that is your game that whales are bound to pop up and actually support it.

  • hovsep56

    their ads are so misleading its not even funny anymore.....