AVA Relaunching as AVA: Dog Tag - Alpha Test Begins July 18

Alliance of Valiant Arms, of AVA for short, is a free to play tactical shooter developed by the South Korean gaming studio Red Duck. It was available through En Masse Entertainment, the guys best known for Tera, until they shut it down on June 29th, 2018, but it isn't gone for good. The game's developer will be relaunching the game as AVA: Dog Tag and its first alpha test will run from July 18 - July 22 and will be available in North America and Europe.

HQ_AVA_DogTag_LogoAni from PARK YAEJI on Vimeo.

Alliance of Valiant arms is one of the longest running free to play FPS games in the west. It's been available since 2009 and has been running continuously. It was first available through the now defunct ijji platform and once it shut down there it moved over to Aeria Games. After Aeria Games shut it down it moved over to En Masse and is now finally going it alone with its developer self publishing it.

Learn more about the game over at the official website.