Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises To Go Free-To-Play On June 2nd


Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises has yet to be available as a paid Early Access title for a full month, but that's not stopping Animus Interactive from making a major change to its business model. The company announced today that the game will be going free-to-play on June 2nd.

According to the announcement, Animus is aware that Early Access carries a certain stigma and is concerned that the $19.99 price tag is keeping people from playing Dawn Rises. Therefore, the company is making the game free-to-play, supported by a cosmetics-only cash shop. The goal is to one day make the game an eSport and "the whole 'pay-to-win' model is in direct conflict with that, so it simply won't exist here."

Those who have already purchased Dawn Rises will be credited $30 of in-game currency when the item shop is implemented. They will also be given the game's soundtrack once it is finished, the opportunity to play nightly builds before anyone else, and access to a private Discord server that provides a direct line to the developers.