Average Revenue Per Download of Lineage M is $279 with over 8.2M Downloads.

The Lineage franchise continues to be a money maker for NCSoft with a recent report showcasing just how much money the franchise's mobile games are making. Lineage M, a free to play mobile Lineage game, earns on average $279 per download. Let that number sink in for a moment. $279 PER DOWNLOAD. That's not per paying user or per active user figure, that's per download, which means that if the game was buy to play with no micro-transactions, they would have to charge $279 to equal their current revenue figure. The game currently has 8.2 million downloads too, so it's not like the game is so new with just a few downloads skewing the figure. This number also includes players who download the game to check it out and quickly uninstall, so the actual revenue per active user figure is much higher. The game has earned a whopping $2.3B in revenue since launching on June 21, 2017.

Lineage 2: Revolution on the other hand clocks in at a much more paltry $57 per download, which is still incredible considering many people don't even spend a penny. Many users simply try the game for 5 minutes and quit and those users are included in this 'average revenue per download' metric. Lineage 2: Revolution has 30.5 million unique installs, which means the game has earned over $1.7B in revenue to date.

Source: Sensor Tower Intelligence