Guild Wars 2 Studio ArenaNet Hit With Layoffs, Projects Under Development Canceled

The 2019 Industry bloodletting continues. Leaks of a massive round of layoffs at ArenaNet were leaked on February 20th and were confirmed by NCSoft which owns ArenaNet, on February 21st. The layoffs are likely due to stalling revenue across NCSoft's PC lineup, and ArenaNet's inability to finish several projects which have been under development for a number of years. The [...]

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NCSoft Working on New Aion-Related PC MMORPG

Despite the incredible rise of mobile gaming, PC MMORPGs aren't dead yet as new games are still getting green-lighted by big developers. NCSoft is apparently working on a 'top secret' new MMORPG in the Aion universe built on Unreal Engine 4. No word on whether it's a sequel, prequel, a spin-off, or anything else just yet though. This is all [...]

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