AxE: Alliance vs Empire Update Increases Level Cap, Adds New PvP Mode, and Adds New Class Gear

Nexon launched its latest update for their mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire today which introduces the following new features to the game:

  • Class Gear - Players can enhance their characters’ strengths even further by collecting an array of weapon variations that boosts their power
  • New PvP Mode ‘Annihilation’ - A new 3v3 battle mode where six players battle without any combat power restrictions. During a six minute long match, players fight to beat their personal and victory scores and can select specific buffs prior to entering the mode. As players progress through the 15 hunting grounds available, they’ll earn stat increases while battling mob bosses and enemy factions.
  • New Artifacts - Expansions on added artifacts to add more flexibility to combat than ever
  • Level Cap Increase - Available level caps will now increase to level 120

Nexon describes AxE as "the first console-quality mobile MMORPG", but like other mobile MMOs, AxE features auto-play elements. The game is popular worldwide though with over 8 million downloads since launching.