NCSoft’s New Battle Royale MOBA ‘Battle Crush’ Is Launching Later This Year

battle crush moba brawler key art

Another battle royale game will be coming our way later this year as NCSoft announces its first addition to the genre – Battle Crush. The game was first announced in February 2022 as Project R and is being billed as a colorful action brawler MOBA with battle royale elements featuring characters from Greek and Roman mythology.

“Battle Crush is non-stop fun with battles for up to 30 players,” announced NCSoft. “It’s all about the last man standing in Battle Crush. Play as some of the heavy hitters from Greek and Roman mythology, like Poseidon and Urus across various battlefields in fast-paced action-packed brawls.”

The game is expected to launch worldwide on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS later this year.

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