Battleborn's Winter Update Promises To Be The Biggest Yet


Battleborn is planning to release its biggest update yet this winter, described by Chris Brock as “I’ve been at Gearbox for 10 years and this is the craziest update we’ve ever done!”

So what can we expect from Battleborn's update?

  • All 25 characters from the core roster will be unlocked for everybody. No need to grind, or work to unlock. Instead of challenges rewarding new heroes, they'll grant new skins.
  • To segue new players into the experience, Battleborn is getting two new intro game modes: an Incursion Tutorial, a place to build up your PvP skills; and the Dojo, where players can take on waves of minions to learn their movesets.

The character-shooter also wants to bring back their veterans.

  • Battleborn's user interface has gotten some plastic surgery. Nearly every bit of the UI has been modified to create a friendlier experience.
  • Draft Mode is being added to the game, which is exactly what it sounds like. Players on opposing teams take turns picking some characters while banning others.
  • Daily Quests: Yup. New objectives every day for both the game's main storyline quests and competitive modes.
  • The in-game economy is getting an overhaul: loot packs will drop in story-mode, while only The Core Pack will be available in the cash shop—which has a chance to drop higher quality gear.

Gearbox is going to be covering the update in-depth on Twitch this Thursday, December 8th at 2pm PT/5pm ET.

Are you a former Battleborn player, or interested in trying out? Will the winter update persuade you to return or try it out?