Black Desert Online: Archer Awakening, Winter Events, & Xbox One Pre-Orders

black desert online archer awakeningThe Archer has awakened! It’s only been a week since the Archer started raining down arrows in Black Desert Online and players can already grab the Awakening quest line to unlock their character’s full potential.

“We hope you’re enjoying your new Archer because we have. We’ve been busy leveling, enhancing and doing what we can to make our Archer super buff. Now the next step is here! This week the Archer will ascend with his awakening skills, quest, and absolute skills! Now is the time to get your Archer ready for all those high-end grind spots and show the world what you’ve got.”

The latest BDO patch also comes with a flurry of Winter-themed events and activities including the return of Grandpa Cron. “During this merry season, Grandpa Cron will ride his flying sled to drop fantastic items,” says the devs. “In addition, don’t forget to help us build a big, beautiful Snowman altogether!”

“Like every holiday season, Grandpa Cron will soar through the sky with his fully stocked flying sled to drop special gifts to all the good people in Black Desert Online (actually he doesn’t care if players have been good or not). Gifts include Rudolf Headband, Santa’s Hat, Elion’s Tear and he even drops Christmas trees so players can decorate their houses. Players can also participate in building a snowman together to receive even more rewards such as Grandpa Cron’s Gift x1, Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1, and Hard Black Crystal Shard. On Christmas, the Night Vendor Patrigio will sell Cron Boxes which includes enchanted accessories, JIN Magic Crystals, and other valuable items.”

The bulk of the Winter events will automatically roll out on December 26th since the devs will be going on holiday and there will be no scheduled maintenance on that day. Yes, devs also take a break, contrary to popular belief. Simply restart your game client after 4 am EST and you’re good to go. You’ll find the full list of events and updates here.

Meanwhile, Pearl Abyss has just announced in a press release earlier today that the Xbox One version of Black Desert Online will be open for pre-orders starting January 7th next year on the Microsoft Store. The studio, however, has yet to reveal the price-tag for the fantasy MMORPG. “Following a successful open beta held in November 2018, Black Desert will deliver the first comprehensive MMORPG experience on a console, built from the ground-up for Xbox One,” says Pearl Abyss “Redesigned for the Xbox One, the newest version of Black Desert will feature a new story line, remastered graphics and audio, and an optimized user interface created specifically for a fluid, responsive console experience.”

Check out the videos below for a quick peek at what to expect from the Xbox version of the game.