Black Desert Online Begins Pre-Loading Margoria


Black Desert Online's upcoming Margoria expansion is going to be massive—the update will be several gigabytes in size. That's why, starting today, the team at Kakao Games Europe has begun rolling the update out in pieces. There will be several patches over the course of the next few weeks, broken into pieces so that those with "slower connections or bandwidth limits" will be able to play the new content the day it goes live.

Today's weighs in at 2.58 GB and comes with a number of other updates. Awakened versions of six of the game's daily scroll bosses have been made available, featuring higher levels of difficulty than their "normal" counterparts and "an increase chance of item drops." They can be summoned in the same manner as the normal scroll bosses are summoned, but players must use awakened scroll fragments and awakened scrolls instead.

As the first update of the year, it also includes the customary New Year's content. This year, players are given the ability to buy a "New Year Hanbok Costume" for their character. Each class' New Year's costume is completely different.

You can find the full set of patch notes here.