Black Desert Online Coming to Consoles Early 2018

Microsoft revealed in their E3 presentation today that Black Desert Online will be coming to Xbox One in early 2018. Given the action oriented gameplay, Black Desert is well suited for console and I suspect it'll be quite successful on there. A PS4 release of BDO will likely happen sometime after the Xbox One release.

We've reported in the past that Black Desert was working on a console release but this is the first time we've seen any kind of release date. Black Desert will be joining the ranks of Skyforge, Neverwinter, DC Universe Online, and a handful of other console MMORPGs. Still no word on when Tera will launch on consoles, but we do know a console version is in the works.

  • Boltonsquad

    As an avid BDO player this is a great move, incredibly unlikely it will ever come on the PS4 though, much like FFXIV will never be on Xbox One.

    • Kelborne

      It's coming to PS4, and it's nothing like the FFXIV situation.

      • Boltonsquad

        There were rumours earlier in the year however as stated at E3 it will launch as an Xbox One exclusive and "may" launch on other platforms in the future

        • Shumunya Cho

          BDO will be a timed exclusive like Tomb Raider. Meaning it'll eventually come to PS4 sometime after launch.