Black Desert Online’s Latest Patch Makes Life Skill Levels And Perks Account-Wide

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Pearl Abyss continues to make life better in Black Desert Online with another quality-of-life update, this time focusing on life skills. Character-based life skills are now family-based with the total XP gained for each life skill added up instead of being based on the highest levels for every character in the family.

“With this update, every character in a Family can enjoy the effects and benefits provided by each Life Skill, which will also make certain quests a lot more convenient to complete,” says the devs. Those who reached the maximum level of Guru 50 won’t have wasted their efforts though, as the team plans to grant them honor-based rewards instead.

The latest update also simplified essences, traces, and fruits, and introduced improvements to the music composition system. Details can be found in the full patch notes here.