Black Desert Online Takes Measures Against Private Servers

black desert online golden goalKakao Games and Pearl Abyss are taking direct action against unauthorized Black Desert Online private servers. As part of their efforts, the devs will be implementing a Client Authentication System starting November 7th. The devs are also asking the BDO community to report private servers and threatened to take action against players who promote or advertise unauthorized servers.

"We consider the operation of private servers to be an infringement of our copyright and we will be taking measures to protect our interests and the interests of the Black Desert Online community. As the use of unwarranted private servers damages the gaming experience of all of the adventurers who enjoy Black Desert Online through the approved channels.”

The community, however, isn’t too happy with this, which doesn’t really come as a surprise. Players are rarely happy when devs close down their private playgrounds, but Kakao’s recent crackdown on private servers seems to have thoroughly upset the BDO community.

Make your way over to the Black Desert Online official site for more details.