Black Desert Online Explains Recent AP Changes; Aims For A “Single Global Build”

black desert online striker awakeningBlack Desert Online recently rolled out patches that affected the attack efficiency of the North American, European, and Korean servers. According to a letter from the devs, the changes were implemented to match the balance systems of all BDO regions. Here’s why:

“We aim to develop Black Desert Online as a Single Global Build. By doing so, we believe that it will benefit both our players and us, as developers. It will allow the latest patches to be applied to all regions more quickly than any other game, and enable us to quickly reflect even the tiniest detail of valuable user feedback. Anyone who enjoys Black Desert Online will always have the same optimal experience from any region.”

Aside from making it easier to roll out patches, the balance changes also bring the devs one step closer to implementing a Global Siege War and Global Arsha PvP Tournament. The idea is still in early concept phase but the devs assure fans that they will be working hard to implement it in the near future.

To apologize for the lack of information, North American and European players will be given a 7-day Sealed Book of Combat. Details available on the Black Desert Online official site.