Black Desert Online Introduces Tag Teams With The Latest Patch

black desert online tagBlack Desert Online has made adventuring and questing a whole lot easier and more interesting with the introduction of the Tag system in the latest patch. Now players can swap to one of their high-level alts when things start to get a little rough during their adventures.

“This week we have some exciting changes to make your Black Desert experience a little bit more fun! First we are introducing the Tag system which will allow some flexibility if you want to swap to one of your other characters while you are out adventuring.”

There are a number of restrictions in using the Tag system though. First off, you need to have at least one level 56 character to be able to use the system. You can swap anytime, anywhere except in the desert or the great ocean, or during Node/Conquest Wars. There’s also a five-minute cooldown after tagging in or changing characters. And finally, tagged characters cannot buy, sell, or move trade items.

The patch also includes the obligatory bug fixes, improvements, tweaks, and balance changes including increased Flame Buster attack range for the Berserker class. You’ll find the full patch notes on the Black Desert Online official site.