Black Desert Online To Release A New PvE Group Defense Mode Called ‘Altar of Blood’ Next Week

black desert online altar of bloodFight off horde after horde of monsters to earn a variety of rewards in Black Desert Online in the upcoming group PvE game mode – Altar of Blood. Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss will be rolling out the new game mode next week on July 10th.

“Altar of Blood is a new defensive horde mode that is played by a team of three players. The party will have to defend the eponymous altar from increasingly powerful enemies over the course of multiple rounds. Every round a new boss will spawn that must be bested by the party. Players will have to use all their skills to the best of their ability and work in tandem to emerge victoriously.”

The new game mode will be open to players level 56 and above and will feature ten rounds of increasing difficulty and increasingly better rewards. Participants will be rewarded with a “Forgotten One’s Legacy” at the end of each round which can be exchanged for a number of in-game items including Black Stones, Gold Bars, Caphras Stone, and the chance to earn an Armor Box containing random gear.

The devs will also be running an Altar of Blood event to celebrate the new mode’s release. During the event, players will get the chance to earn 50 Advice of Valks, an exclusive in-game title, and a whole lot more by simply participating in the new defense mode.